Excitement new
time has come
ready to begin
beginnings again

Fresh new faces
from different places
coming together
sharing the free verse

Beginnings fresh
writing new
words shared
between me and you


Strings that connect us
bind us together with energy
a touch on one is a touch on all
the vibrations extend to the infinite

A kindness done to one
becomes new to another
traveling down the strings
to reach strangers untold

Choices made in this moment
become roads taken paths traveled
down the long life strings
affecting all some small some large

Strings that resonate far beyond your space
to reach into the hearts minds lives of the many
actions of the one touching the infinite
connected never ending


If only everyone could have a helping hand
just even once in a while
what a difference it would make
the hand that leads to a smile

When you’re down when you’re low
the hand that lifts you up
when you’re lost when you’re alone
the hand that shows you’re not

When things go well, when the job is done
a hand that pats your back
when you fall and struggle to get back up
the hand that leads the way

If everyone for just one moment would reach out their hand
to those who struggle to those who succeed to those who try again
how many would it help whose life would it change
if the hand belongs to you it might be yours


So easy it is to quickly judge
the ones we do not know
to assume too much about their lives
thinking we know all about them

Walk for just one minute in their shoes
see life as they do in just one step
before you decide who they are
and what they think and feel

Their hardships may not be what is visible
the minute by minute trials they face
while we presume to know the truth
living the truth is another story

Walk for a moment in their lives
become what they must endure
live as they do each day
for just one moment in time

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