Staying only a while
short brief fleeting
here then gone
forever moving

Past long gone
future not arrived
present counted in
only seconds

Each one small
gone in a blink
wasted on so much

Once gone
never to return
lost in the sea
of what was

attend to the
here and now
before it is
lost and forgotten

Once gone it
can never be


There is no promise of tomorrow
no guarantee of another day
nothing to assure a life lived longer
no promise one can have

Yesterday is gone past now dead
those things mean nothing now
forgotten pains worthless hurts
now past away into shadow

Tomorrow not promised not even here
no need to worry or to fret
nothing one can do about what is not here yet
something that is only a possibility

There is only today only this moment
everything else means little
one promise only to live in this day
for it is all we truly have

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