Open yourself to the possibilities inside

new adventures new journeys steps to take

every part of your soul nothing to hide

success in this life is something you make

Open your soul to what is real what is true

bypass the fake ignore the lies

the journey begins right inside of you

success only comes to he who tries

Open your mind to learn more every day

every moment has something to teach

absorb knowledge listen to what those who have paved the way have to say

success is in your path all you need do is reach

Open your heart to those who would seek to guide

those who can teach and can be part of the team

success is a journey be sure to enjoy the ride

and everything can be yours all you need do is dream

Deborah Horton Writing


It’s easy to live in denial of who you really are inside

especially when the truth is something you try to hide

to most you seem to be something that you are not at all

always on the edge waiting for the fall

Denial works so much better than the truth it seems

working ever harder to keep up all the schemes

difficult to keep up with what lies you have told to who

making sure they never really know the true you

Living in denial until it becomes the only reality you know

and then it becomes the only thing you show

you live it until you believe it and forget that it’s a lie

and then you couldn’t find the truth no matter how hard you try

In denial it’s so much easier to pretend that it’s all good inside

becomes second nature until you forget what you were trying to hide

but eventually the truth is out it always finds its way

and then denial is the only thing you will have left to say

© Deborah Horton Writing


No one said it would be easy this life you choose to live

they didn’t tell you how hard it would be how much you would have to give

it was easy for you to believe it would be all roses and butterflies

but slowly surely you realize it was all just pretty lies

No one said it would be easy to face up to who you are

to realize that lies and using people would only take you so far

and slowly as people come to see who you really are inside

you find there’s no where on this earth left for you to hide

You had it so easy when you had someone to use to get what you wanted never had to work

just going on your merry way still living like a jerk

but one by one they all realized you’re not worth investing trust or being your friend

and slowly you wake up to find that you’re alone here in the end

It’s not so easy anymore to be the liar and the user

to take advantage of others and the their trust abuser

perhaps you will change before you find there’s no one who wants to be near you anymore

or maybe you will be as blind as stupid as much of a loser as you’ve been before

© Photo By Mario Aguirre

Deborah Horton Writing


When you trust someone each time you give a little piece of yourself

something you can never get back even if they break the trust

sometimes it’s only a tiny piece and you think it won’t be missed

and others it’s huge chunks of yourself that can never be retrieved

There are those who you can give your trust to who will always keep it safe

they will never break it with lies or disloyalty they will be there for always

those are the ones that when you give a piece of yourself you don’t miss it so much

because they hold it in trust they hold it in love they hold it in truth

And then there are those to whom you give your trust who abuse it

they lie and use and twist and turn it until what you give them no longer exists

it becomes a hollow thing devoid of emotion lost forever in the abyss of their evil

never again will it be a part of you for it has become nothingness

Those you trust and those you learn cannot be trusted to each you have to give a piece

risk the losing of that part of yourself or find the reward in knowing you can trust them to keep it safe

those who break the pieces make it harder to reach out to those who don’t but one must always try

for in the end it is those who keep it safe who will be forever by your side

Deborah Horton Writing


On the road to who you will become you must feed the desire

stoke the coals and tend the heart’s fire

listen closely to what your soul says following your dream

so much easier and yet harder than it can seem

The path to who you can become is managed only by you

not what others think what they say or anything they do

for only you can determine where your path will end

and all along your heart’s fire you must always tend

Reach out for what you want let nothing stop you

listen only to yourself to know what is right and what is true

let no one hold you down hold you back make you stumble or fall

for it is up to you to become all

The road to who you can become is filled with twists and turns

and it is only you who knows for what your soul yearns

listen closely tend the fires always moving ahead

following your dreams to where you will be led

Know that what you wish to become is well within your power

now is the time to start this minute this very hour

all that you can become is waiting just for you

take what you want by what you say and do

© photo by bigbrowneyez

Deborah Horton Writing


Success is what you make it all in what you do

the way you take a dream and see it through

no one else can give it to you it’s something that you earn

and in success it’s through failure that you truly learn

Success can be in the small things or in the very great

but it does not come to those who sit and wait

only to you who are willing to work to sacrifice to begin again and again

to never see a roadblock as truly an end

Success comes to those who never point fingers or blame others when they fail

when they stumble they never whine or wail

responsible for their own mistakes and for their own shots at being great

they open their own doors and walk through their own gates

Success has to be created, worked for, taken by you

with every word you speak or write, with everything you do

no one can give it to you it comes from deep inside

in the heart of the successful all great things reside

© photo by Calsidyrose

Deborah Horton Writing


Time passes us by without even a pause to see

catching up always with you and with me

where children were once helpless and small

with each passing minute they grow stronger and tall

Time marches on with each dawn of the day

no words can stop it nothing we say

though we wish them to stay young they continue to grow

and soon will be adults before we know

Each year a new grade each year a new birthday to come

wanting to hold on to the past far too long for some

but time advances on and they grow so fast it seems

living out their hopes and dreams

Time engulfs us all our children is where we see it more

taking childhood away showing us what’s in store

each new grade they become more grown up slowly slipping away

but in our hearts they will always stay

Deborah Horton Writing


Time to begin anew something different begin again

starting over new space all fresh and clean

a place to grow branches of the soul reaching out

this is what beginning anew is all about

New words new lines new phrases of the heart

shared with all who wish to be a part

starting anew feeling completely free

come and share this new journey with me

Deborah Horton Writing

© photo by El_Dimani

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