No one said it would be easy this life you choose to live

they didn’t tell you how hard it would be how much you would have to give

it was easy for you to believe it would be all roses and butterflies

but slowly surely you realize it was all just pretty lies

No one said it would be easy to face up to who you are

to realize that lies and using people would only take you so far

and slowly as people come to see who you really are inside

you find there’s no where on this earth left for you to hide

You had it so easy when you had someone to use to get what you wanted never had to work

just going on your merry way still living like a jerk

but one by one they all realized you’re not worth investing trust or being your friend

and slowly you wake up to find that you’re alone here in the end

It’s not so easy anymore to be the liar and the user

to take advantage of others and the their trust abuser

perhaps you will change before you find there’s no one who wants to be near you anymore

or maybe you will be as blind as stupid as much of a loser as you’ve been before

© Photo By Mario Aguirre

Deborah Horton Writing

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