It’s easy to live in denial of who you really are inside

especially when the truth is something you try to hide

to most you seem to be something that you are not at all

always on the edge waiting for the fall

Denial works so much better than the truth it seems

working ever harder to keep up all the schemes

difficult to keep up with what lies you have told to who

making sure they never really know the true you

Living in denial until it becomes the only reality you know

and then it becomes the only thing you show

you live it until you believe it and forget that it’s a lie

and then you couldn’t find the truth no matter how hard you try

In denial it’s so much easier to pretend that it’s all good inside

becomes second nature until you forget what you were trying to hide

but eventually the truth is out it always finds its way

and then denial is the only thing you will have left to say

© Deborah Horton Writing

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