Here but they don’t see
look right through
but not at me
and yet I am here still

Too busy too self involved
to see anyone outside of them
those who hurt those who need
never knowing I am here

Invisible I stand so close
enough to feel them breathe
yet they see me not
as we stand side by side

Here I am
yet I am invisible
they do not see
and soon I will be gone


The things that scare us most
are those that are real
those that could actually happen
those that truly exist

Not zombies or aliens
or giant robots or vampires
it is bombs in backpacks
poison gas or powder

Someone who is angry
deluded or just plain crazy
unpredictable and right next door
these are what true terror is for

At school or church or right in the street
it could be anyone you meet
things that could truly be real
these are what terror looks like

The unknown of your neighbor
perhaps someone you see everyday
this is where it lies
true terror is this way


Only you can make you feel less than
what others think is not important
or what they say or do
how you feel is up to you

Let them think let them speak
let them show their immaturity
what you are what you feel
is contained within yourself

So they think you are less
they think they are more
realize that your power
lies inside of you alone

No one can make you feel anything
unless you give them the power to do so
only you can turn over that power
only you can make yourself less


There’s a poem in my pocket
it’s just waiting there
written on a scrap of paper
a poem still to share

Not very long
and yet the words still speak
sometimes I take it out
just to have a peek

Written and saved
it’s crumpled and worn
but this is how
great poems are often born

In my pocket it waits
until someone comes along
to share it with again and again
in the universe belong


Once there was only a part
a piece of a life
convinced it was all there was
drifting alone

Believing it was fine
to be this way forever
just a deceit
because it was never true

A part, a piece nothing more
a life half lived
searching trying to find
something, someone

Found and now together
one part you one part me
knowing this forever
one plus one makes a whole


If you would call me
by my right name
perhaps I wouldn’t
hurt so many

If you would recognize me
for what I am
perhaps you could
make me less

If you would see the real me
instead of making up
politically correct words to cover my sins
perhaps the light would harm me

If you would say to me
every time someone dies by my hand
the truth of who I am
perhaps i would retreat

My destruction and death have a name
it’s not tragedy or terrorism or unknown assailants
you know my name and perhaps you should say it


All some people do is take
give is not a word they know
always wanting more from you
time to just say no

It’s all about them
all the time every day
never thinking of others
wrong in every way

Unforgiving and unkind
their heart must be black
in truth it is
true love they lack

Take and want and take some more
just selfishness you know
it’s time to take a stand
time to just say no


The way you love me
every day by saying you do
sending me notes just
to say so

The way you love me
making me laugh a lot
whether I want to
or not

The way you love me
sharing the daily load
as we together
walk this road

The way you love me
more every day
I love that you
love me this way


There but for grace
would I be in your place
your trials to bear
but for grace I would be there

Those who cry
and those who die
moms with children ill
those who’ve lost the will

But for grace it would be me
in places sad to be
the hardships unnumbered
with frailty encumbered

But for grace I am not there
my life beyond compare
pray some of my grace falls to thee
thankful always not to be


So you think you’ve got it bad
believe me there’s always someone worse
just open up your eyes
and listen to this verse

always someone out there
who is suffering more than you
regardless of what you think you know
believe me it is true

someone who is hurting, crying, dying
or wishing that they could
stop thinking just of you
for a moment if you would

see the bigger world
the one where true pain does live
past your own little patch of earth
open up your heart and give

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