Love Cats


Photo by Dorothea OLDANI on Unsplash

Meow you say to let me know you are on your way
Movement sleek and elegant
Claws retracted reserved for going in for the kill
A silent assassin with teeth as sharp as blades
Kept in good order
For the hunt and the tearing of flesh
On the look out for a bird preparing to soar
He must come from a good family
A turned up nose to a chicken and ham slice
Preference is for the taste of mice
Purr to express contentment and satisfaction
A feline who bides his time before jumping in to action!

By Liam Flanagan



Photo by Alin Luna on Unsplash

Begs an eggistential question
Which came first
The chicken or the egg?
Egghilarated to have received the first vaccine
Those pints of Guinness no longer simply just a pipe dream
Eggcited to imagine myself lying next to a pool
An umbrella overhanging in order to keep oneself cool
Sipping Long Island Ice Teas
No eggageration to say I can feel the sea breeze
An eggceptional year for everyone
There will be an eggtraordinary party when this is all done!!!

A Question Of Sport


Image by Elsupero from Pixabay 

This year will we get to see Federer grace Centre Court?
Strawberries and Ice Cream

Has the last year been nothing but a dream
There is no limit to how much satisfaction sport brings

Seeing Katie do Ireland proud in the ring
Ronnie will be playing in the Crucible

His brilliance on the green baize indisputable
United are going well in the Europa league

Their progress helping to alleviate some lockdown fatigue
The European Championships are on their way

Predicting a winner considered to be very much risqué
Will Joe make an appearance in the hurling this year?

A marked man who has had an outstanding career
Maybe the footballers will give us something to shout about

Shane Walsh a class act without any doubt
And finally the Olympic Games

We hope to be all watching on our holidays in Spain!

Vicious Circle

Written By Liam Flanagan

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

Round and round we go

Lock us up lock us down

Drowning in a sea of uncertainty and unrelenting tides

Washing away hope and optimism every single day


By the incessant rise and fall of the numbers

A feeling there is no tomorrow 

Every day is the same


Roll out the vaccine as a matter of urgency 

Otherwise the whole country is going to go insane 

We will never forget living in these horrendous times

And the long term effect it is having on all our minds

Inner Peace


Photo by Candice Seplow on Unsplash

Peace is such a hard thing to find

Especially when it comes to peace of the mind

Inner turmoil often the order of the day

Sometimes the only thing left is the avoidance of decay

A constant state of unease and distraction

Where one is crying out for some kind of action

A sensation of fluctuation and change

A hope one day to wake up without feeling strange

The search for inner peace goes on

A wish some day all the pain and suffering will be gone

Trying to carve out a more meaningful existence

Where hurt and anguish are no longer so persistent 

My Forever Valentine

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

In the way you watch at the window waiting for me to arrive home

coming out to walk me in when the path is icy

flowers for no particular reason except that you love me

and my favorite wines that just appear

The special nickname reserved only for me

and I love you spoken many times over each day

letting me watch a series over and over without complaint

and finding tear jerker movies for us to share

Reaching out to me with texts and calls throughout the day

and understanding my need for silence after stressful work

making sure I have all that I need and so much more

and keeping me safe always

Making me laugh so many times in a day

easing my fears no matter what they may be

happiness in an overflowing heart

my forever valentine


Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Winning can be about victory in competition

it can be about trophies and awards

it can be about money and fame

it can be about championships and titles

it can be about legacy

it can be about history

in the end though

winning is truly ever, always

about one thing and one thing only

how are you better from one moment to the next

what have you overcome in yourself

to find victory of your mind, body, and spirit

what parts of yourself have you discarded

to become stronger, more confident, powerful

in the end it is only, ever, always

about just you



By Liam Flanagan

Photo by Max Letek on Unsplash

Roll Up Roll Up
Boy do we have some entertainment for you today
A ringmaster from Cork
A teacher by trade
No qualification to run the country I’m afraid
A health minister juggling many balls in the air
Trying to convince he is going to get us through this nightmare
The Greens are walking a tightrope
Balancing calamity with messages of hope
Leo is yearning for a night on the town
Realizing now he is surrounded by a bunch of clowns
Mary Lou is doing acrobatics to avoid any blame
Yet the situation up North is to their eternal shame
So spring is here we are all staying home
Like trained animals in our cages
Whilst all around us the virus spreads and rages

Say The Word

Written By Liam Flanagan

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash


My minds in a mess

Everything is upside down and back to front


Off you go to the Florida keys

Keep hitting those wayward drives off the tees!

Complications with the vaccine


Worried about their exams

Sick of attending the classroom with their video cams

United top of the league!

A season with no fans providing some intrigue

A time in history parallel with no other


Home schooling the kids whilst trying to avoid blowing their lids

Everybody hoping and praying this will be all over

Laughter and smiles are as rare as a four leaved clover!

Find Margin

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Pause when options and crises come

take time to evaluate what serves you

immediate response is not necessary

if it is not life or death

Breathe deeply and slowly

gather yourself and your thoughts

breathe through decisions

not made in haste

Ponder the why of your response

does it serve you or is it serving others only

is it necessary or is it because you choose

examine and ask questions

Choose wisely and for yourself

will it provide margin or take it away

what will the choice require of you

are you enabling others or building resilience

Do what you can with margin

responses should not push you over the edge

they should not be assumed or expected

find and protect your margin

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