Only fifteen
without a home
living where I can
no help

One shirt
a single pair of shorts
one hooded sweatshirt
no more

Little food
just what I get at school
nothing after that
no more

Without love
parents long gone
nobody that cares
no love

Twenty below
hiding in abandoned buildings
it’s so cold
no heat

School today
walking just to be there
just to get warm
no lie

Got nothing
without anyone
this is my life
no hope

I wrote this poem today about a student I personally know at the high school where I work…and they are not the exception. There are many just like this and many even worse off. Right here, in my town. The stories are heartbreaking. Each year the school has a gift card drive in December for these kids. My boss, Ms. Shelli Strouf, Assistant Principal, heads this drive up. We collect gift cards and distribute them to these kids for basic needs of life clothes, shoes, food, coats. We have many homeless, shelter, foster and worse off kids. We are collecting gift cards now, cards for stores, food places, anything will help. You can send the cards to Billings Senior High School 425 Grand Avenue Billings, Montana 59101 atten: Ms. Shelli Strouf. Thanks for caring ♥

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