You Are My What

As I was going back through my MySpace blog copying over the poems I had written there, I came across the first poem I ever posted online in August 2006.  All those writings brought back so many memories.  So, I thought I would share my first one again 🙂

You are my shoulder…to lean on
You are my ears…that listen
You are my heart…that does not judge
You are my friend…

You are my laughter…that makes me happy
You are my calm…that gives me peace
You are my shelter…that makes me feel safe
You are my friend…

You are my hope…when I have none
You are my smile…when I cannot find mine
You are my dreams…when I need them
You are my friend…

You are my friend…yet so much more
You are my laughter, my peace, my hope
You are my friend…yet so much more

You are my lifeline…you are my friend



Rays of love reaching into my soul

making me happy making me whole

warming my spirit lifting my heart

staying with you never to part


Rays of love filling my need

the roots now growing from just a small seed

where once I was alone and searching for you

now I know love both old and brand new


Rays of love as fingers holding my spirit tight

guiding me through day leading me through night

wrapped in the blanket of a love so true

inside it there is only me there is only you


Rays of love never want to let them go

taking it simple taking it slow

knowing now what is true what is real

rays of love are all I want to feel

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