For all of my insanity
and all the things I’ve tried
it seems that only you
are my remedy

Everything about you
is only ever wrong
but my insanity
never stops

Quieting the madness
if only for a second
with all the choices
still you are my remedy

Try to let you go
not come back again
as the madness grows
I let you in

For all my insanity
nothing else will do
it still seems
my only remedy is you


Always here but they don’t see
looking at but right through me
standing beside them always near
never knowing what they should fear

Quietly watching all that they do
observing things that they never knew
always here but they don’t see
invisible me

Another Poetry Club poem


When I have fears that I may cease to be
and then I say when nothing is there
except silence, they have only cries and fears
no matter that alone am I
where screams may never cease
and longing to just be

(Written with the high school poetry club that I sponsor. I will be posting all the poems written with the club over the next few weeks)

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