Table Talk

By Liam Flanagan

You a former self sit across the table
I could give you so much advice now
Each piece contributing to how to live a happy life
A road to follow less so many twists and turns
Humps and hollows
A simpler way to live being kind to yourself all times
To take life easy resisting the urge to burn the candle both ends
The flame still exists less hot yet enough to feel the warmth inside
To love oneself and surround yourself with others you love too
Choosing a partner to share the good times and the bad
Know your health really is your wealth and life is there to be enjoyed
Strive to be the best human being you can be realizing your potential
Overcoming any obstacles which may be put in your way


It’s funny how some people transfer their emotions
taking what they gave to one and sliding it to another
replacing what they threw away with the same yet not
It’s funny and then, it’s sad at the same time

Where once so easily they gave themselves to one
they turn around and transfer it to someone else
it’s funny how quickly they turn their backs
and sad at how they can’t make it on their own

It’s funny to realize that they constantly try to plug holes
spaces inside themselves they can’t fill because they’re lost
funny becomes extremely sad when you watch how they live
never able to be happy with who they are

It’s funny and sad and yet not unexpected
someone you know so well it only stands to reason
this is all they can do incapable of being anything more
so they transfer and yet the holes remain forever

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