Everyone Has Days Like These

human hand between yellow petaled flower field

Have you ever had days at your job where you just wonder if you want to continue doing that job? Days where you just are not sure you like the job anymore?

I think we have all had those days at some point. No matter how much you may like your job overall, there are always days where we just don’t. Days where you feel useless, frustrated, angry, or just plain tired. These are the days where we can start to question the road we are on.

Even if you have gone to college for many years and have a Master’s or PhD. Even if you have invested countless hours into learning your craft and possibly building your ow business. Even if you have invested thousands of dollars on education and then continuing education sometimes becoming greatly in debt. Even then, we can still question our career choices.

If your days of questioning are greater than your days of fulfillment, you probably need to give the questioning a closer look. A fleeting thought of changing your path is one thing. Feeling this way every day is something else entirely.

The fleeting thought of giving up all you have worked for is usually just that, fleeting. It generally comes on in times of stress, overwork, or self-doubt. When these things shift away, we can take time to examine the things we love about our jobs. The things we know we do well. The things that drew us to this path in the first place.

Generally, we find that we do not want to abandon our path, but perhaps we need a break. A small piece of time to step back, breathe, and have a second more relaxed look. We will usually realize that we do love our jobs, most of the time.

Sometimes the break needs to be longer to get a clearer picture. And sometimes we come to the conclusion we need to go a different direction. But we can be certain that everyone has days like these.

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