Casting the mind backwards
To teenage years
An obsession with The Cure
And a girl called Mairead
I wonder where she is now?
Playing football until the light went out at the end of the day
Turned eighteen and celebrated being able to have a pint
Maybe too much but the crack was mighty with the lads
Lassies everywhere excitement of newness and anticipation tangible in the air
Turning twenty made very little difference
A taste for life had been discovered and developed
As the years go by you realise how special those days were
Times of friendship and romance
Where there was always enough music in the night for one more dance


Liam Flanagan is a 47-year-old living in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Degree in English and Philosophy. Teaching Diploma in IT. Ten years of experience working in the IT industry. Likes Sport, Music, Film and Politics.

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