What do I want, when do I get, how do I make that mine?

What about me, when is it time, how can I get those too?

Get and receive, all about me, no there’s nothing for you.

Why would you think that’s true?


All year long it’s all about me, why would Christmas be any different?

Why should I share, no time to care, where is the more for me?

Who are these needy and why should I give?

Don’t they have government assistance for that?


Homeless people choose to be that way.

They got themselves into that mess.

They are all just looking for a handout anyway.

Pretend they do not exist and keep walking.


Those are just bad kids.

Just like their parents probably.

It is not my job to raise them.

Besides that is what schools are for.


Eternity arrives and questions are asked.

Why were you so selfish?

Why did you not help?

Giving is not just for Christmas.

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