Sometimes in life there are those who come in
and leave prints all around the heart’s floor
we let them walk and leave behind the tracks
of all their lies and hurtful things

Slowly the prints begin to build up on the soul
pulling us down taking their toll
we wonder how we ever let it get this way
how there is only dark and never any day

Then all at once a broom appears at first small
beckoning us to start to sweep and clear away it all
slowly at first inch by inch we sweep the prints away
moving out all that shouldn’t be allowed to stay

With each pass the floor becomes more clean
covered only in prints of love and those that should have been
Take up your broom and start to sweep at last be free
remove the bad prints so that your heart can truly see

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Darwin
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 00:40:28

    Always best to have more room for Love..wonderful write. Peace&Love always~Darwin


  2. Leeza
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 14:24:03

    This is simply marvelous: says it all, doesn’t miss a beat, hits it out of the park!


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