Without struggle there is no progress

fight to succeed

to learn

to grow

to win

struggle becomes necessary

in work

in love

in life

struggle becomes needed

for happiness

for fulfillment

for progress

struggle becomes real


Beautiful just the way you are

don’t see yourself through another’s eyes

look inside your heart and soul

and find the beauty within

being yourself makes you beautiful

knowing yourself makes you beautiful

trusting yourself makes you beautiful

makeup clothes jewelry are just decorations

but they are not the true you

that is only found inside

and by those who wish to seek it


Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters

To do one you must be the other

in the still small moments you can learn much

about others about yourself about life

be quiet and concentrate your hearing

close your eyes and focus only on the sounds

shut down your thoughts just let the noises pass over you

through you inside of you let them linger

let them speak to you what are they saying

with everyone today let them speak

listen be silent and know them

meet them truly

if you let someone speak long enough

they reveal everything about themselves

without even knowing

be silent and listen

to understand


We think we have time to waste

that there will always be more of it somewhere

but time is a funny thing

it seems infinite but in reality

so limited

each moment that passes

disappears like vapors

seen in a blink then gone



Ever closer day by day inching forward come what may

unsure of tomorrow yet sure in the knowing something is growing

trusting the process faith is believing without seeing into being

walking the path uncertain of the length relying always on your strength

each day that passes brings closer the dreams not as easily as it seems

all the hard work the endless days now weeks then years wiping away sweat and tears

never knowing when the payoff will come giving more and then some

onward ever onward closer with each passing second the end continues to beckon

reaching out for possibilities unknown as sunrise reaches for the dawn

closer ever closer drawing near letting go of all I fear


We two together walking this path of life

27 years as husband and wife

Three children grown to young men

who could have imagined way back then

so much we have shared through these years

much more laughter than there has been tears

Our hearts together forever in love

praying always for guidance from above

filling my heart and holding my hand

together we two continue to stand

supporting each other in whatever we do

I will always forever love you


For all things there is a season

a time to rest has come

wake and be refreshed

or sleep and be relaxed

take your ease in tranquility and peace

quiet and still

in your thoughts or without them

inactivity of the body and calmness of the mind

nurturing of the spirit

freed of worry

a calm canvas for life to write upon

we can do more by sometimes doing less



You must be careful they said in who you listen to

for they could be leading you astray

You must be careful they said in what you believe

for it could be false

You must be careful they said in who you friend

for they may not be true

You must be careful they said who you talk to

for they may not keep your secrets

You must be careful they said who you love

For they may break your heart

You must be careful they said

But with all this care

you must make sure you life is still



For those with just a few close friends the meaning tilts slightly differently

Casual does not apply nor does passing acquaintance

Only in good times and superficially are not used

Proximity and in person are not requirements

There in silence and sadness

In plenty and blessed

In hard work and sacrifice

In knowing without saying

In understanding beyond words

In truth, in loyalty, in love

In seldom seen but always there

In seen every day but in a simple text message to change your day

In telling you that you inspire them

In an email that says thinking of you and nothing else

In laughter, in tears, in success, in failure

they are in just the being of who you are and who you will be

my friend


Winds of change sometimes blow slowly almost imperceptibly

other times they blow as a hurricane laying waste

for those who wait the winds can seem silent

with only the doubts in their head for noise

those who pursue change as if it were prey

change appears before them instantly

those who embrace the wind are able to stand

and those who fight against it become tired

for the few who can wait and not doubt

change finds it’s own way out

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